30-inch or Larger Rims on Florida Cars

We stumbled upon this article on AutoEvolution.com, we found it interesting enough to share!  What do you think about this fad? Check it out…

Crazy Florida Cars on 30-Inch Wheels!

Most people agree that lowering a car makes it more beautiful. Chip foot will convince you it’s beautiful, Porsche does it to make everything handle better and even motorcycle are getting in on the act.

But there are some people who have gone in the opposite direction and are raising their custom machines on 30-inch or larger rims that almost seem impossible. And we thought it’d be interesting to show you this phenomenon up close, from the streets of Florida.

We’ve got a pink Chrysler 300, a Green, a black Chevy Camaro, candy apple 300 wagon, even a green Ford Mustang. The trend seems to be for shiny chrome and color coordinating with the body of the cars. [the videos can be viewed here]

While two-tone paint jobs and custom grilles have begun being offered by the manufacturers themselves, we don’t see this catching on.


So what do you think? Will this trend catch on? Have you seen one of these vehicles? Let us know!

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Sanford, FL 32771

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