Tips for Finding a Used Truck That Will Make You Happy

It’s easy to find the right used trucks in Orlando if you make sure to think about what you need from the vehicle. Here are some of the things we believe should be considered as you look through our inventory:

Hauling Requirements

Pickup trucks come in many forms now, so this is a more important consideration than it used to be. Some of our trucks here at Evolution Auto are definite haulers, and these have plenty of bed space to handle things like lumber, landscaping equipment, and other large loads. Others are shaped like pickup trucks, but actually have tiny beds that are basically good for hauling groceries. This type of truck is great for hauling people, however, and will typically have room for up to six. In between these extremes, you’ll find the standard extended cab. An extended-cab truck usually has room for four people, and while cargo space is limited compared to a work truck, it still leaves space for some decent hauling.

When thinking of hauling requirements, we suggest that you choose your truck according to what you’ll need to do the most often. This will ensure that your choice will be satisfactory on a day-to-day basis.


Towing capability isn’t subject to the same limitations as in-truck hauling. We note that it’s possible for a six-person truck to tow just as much weight as a two-person work truck. Therefore, there’s no need to feel constrained to a particular style when it comes to this aspect. The overall size of the truck, however, does correspond to its towing power.

Fuel Economy

There’s no doubt that a big truck is impressive, but there’s also no doubt that it’ll need plenty of fuel to move all of that metal. We suggest considering this before you buy so that you don’t end up feeling pinched every time you take your new truck out for a drive. When it comes to pickups, fuel economy correlates decently with size. The most efficient ones are small enough to be considered compact, while the least efficient ones let you tower above other traffic. Here in Florida, big ones are very popular. Still, we suggest that you don’t feel trapped by the trend if the cost of fuel is of concern.

These are just some of the tips we have for choosing a truck here at Evolution Auto. For more advice, just stop on by.

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