Quick Guide for Purchasing Used Trucks in Orlando

Quick Guide for Purchasing Used Trucks in Orlando

Choosing to purchase a used truck in Orlando can be a confusing and risky situation. If the buyer makes a poor decision, it could cost thousands to repair the vehicle. To make matters even worse, it’s difficult to give a used truck the eye test and determine whether it is a good investment or a lemon. However, shoppers can use the following information to get a better perspective on the vehicle’s upkeep.

Get a CarFax

In any case, a CARFAX report is an essential tool for purchasing a used truck in Orlando. The CARFAX will tell the buyer how many users the vehicle has had, whether the vehicle has been in any wrecks, and much more. It’s important to understand that even a clean CARFAX will not guarantee the vehicle is trouble free. However, this report does commonly unveil relevant issues. In addition to the CARFAX, it’s imperative to have an inspection done before the purchase is made.

The Inspection

Since most shoppers are not mechanics, it’s a great practice to take the vehicle to an experienced technician. During the inspection, the mechanic will most likely take a look underneath the vehicle and:

  • Check for damage and leaks
  • Check for signs of previous major repairs or damage
  • Inspect the drive shaft, brakes, steering components, and U-joints

A little rust on the frame, springs, and axles is highly common. However, if the mechanic can poke a hole through any metal, it means it has become brittle and weak, which would be an indicator of structural rust and a sign to move on to another vehicle. An experienced mechanic will be able to provide the shopper with a realistic idea of the parts that must be repaired and the cost before the truck is purchased.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Most shoppers are attracted to used trucks in Orlando because of flashy lift kits, chrome wheels, and other add-ons. However, when making an intelligent decision, it’s important to look past the obvious bells and whistles and ask the right questions, such as:

  • Why does the truck have a new paint job?
  • Is the new paint job hiding rust?
  • Do the rims change the handling and driving ability of the vehicle?
  • Do those add-ons void any warranties?

Off-Road Vehicle

If the truck is designed for off-roading, the buyer should also be concerned how hard it was driven. A large percentage of trucks are actually designed for off-road use, but never leave the pavement. The ones that were actually used for off-roading will often show serious signs of wear underneath the vehicle.

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