Signs a Used Car May Be a Lemon

When people purchase cars they want to purchase something that is reliable. They need to get to work, run errands, and take their kids to school, which demand that they purchase something that will last for years to come. Additionally, a hefty investment necessitates that they have the car checked to ensure that they don’t have to make additional repairs that could potentially break their budget. Fortunately, there are signs one can look for to ensure that choosing one of the used cars in Orlando is a great option.

Listen to How the Car Runs

Typically, cars that don’t run as they should have other problems which work together to create a symphony of noises. Rattling, squealing, and grinding noises all mean that something is wrong with the car and interested parties should avoid the car unless they feel they can rehab the car without spending a lot of money.

Examine Everything Under the Hood

The motor, transmission, and fuses are integral to any car. Oftentimes, when one of the parts under the hood doesn’t work as it is supposed to, it affects other aspects of the car. For instance, if the motor is bad, the car will not get good gas mileage, or if one of the fuses is problematic then one may not have air conditioning. People should take used cars in Orlando to a reliable mechanic to have them examined. By doing this, they will avoid purchasing a car that needs additional work.

Inspect the Exterior

Many people examine the exterior of the car to ensure that it looks good; however, few people examine the car to ensure that it has not been wrecked. In addition to making sure the car will look good on the road, people should look for paint scratches, dents, and dulled paint to determine if a car has been wrecked. Cars wrecked in the front should be avoided at all costs.

Purchase the CARFAX Report

The more information a car buyer has, the more they increase their chances of purchasing a car that is reliable. CARFAX reports arm people with the ability to not only get the history of their car, but it also helps them determine whether the car, truck, or SUV has recalls that could make repairs less costly. One can order a CARFAX report online for a nominal fee. However, at Evolution Auto, we provide free Carfax reports for our customers.

Purchasing a used car is an exciting time, but people must make sure that the vehicle they purchase meets their needs. Cars that require additional work increase the overall price of the purchase, which negatively affects anyone’s budget. By doing a little research, people can eliminate cars that will not meet their needs.

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12 Fascinating Motorcycles

1. Predator Motorcycle

Predator Motorcycle

Are you a tough guy that likes intimidating people just by passing close to them along the highway? Then, this awesome and scary skull-covered design is just the right one for you! The Predator motorcycle was made as a commission, by Pitstop Motors, a custom bike shop in New Jersey. (Source)

2. Jaguar Motorcycle

Jaguar Motorcycle

This cool Jaguar “leaper” cat logo concept bike was created by Barend Massow Hemmes of Massow Concept Cycles along with Polar cycles of Doncaster UK. Professional computer illustrators and even a sculptor contributed to get this truly unique final result. (Source)

3. World’s Tallest Rideable Motorcycle

World's Tallest Rideable Motorcycle

Do good things come in small packages? Not in this case! This massive motorcycle was built by Greg Dunham and is 6,500 pound heavy, 15 feet tall and 20 feet long. The huge design has entered the Guinness World Records, as the world’s tallest rideable motorcycle. It took 3 years to have it finished and its price is $300,000.

4. Suzuki Biplane (Motorcycle)

Suzuki Biplane (Motorcycle)

This futuristic Biplaneconcept motorcycle was presented in 2007 by Suzuki in Tokyo. Due to the awesome aircraft-inspired design the rider is supposed to have the same feeling as being in an open-canopied biplane. (Source)

5. World’s Biggest Single-Cylinder Motorcycle

World's Biggest Single-Cylinder Motorcycle

This outrageous motorcycle was built by Franz Langer, a retired German engineer who had his name written in the Guinness Book of Records for building the biggest single cylinder motor on a motorcycle. (Source)

6. Flying Motorcycle

Flying Motorcycle

If you are a thrill seeker, you will love this one! A flying bike called the Super Sky Cycle, created by former test pilot Larry Neal of Boyd. This original machine can go as fast as 70 mph in the air and 60 mph on the road. The price? About $ 25,000!

7. F15 Fighter Jet Motorcycle

F15 Fighter Jet Motorcycle

This oddity is actually an Honda Goldwing motorcycle that has been modified to look like a mini F15 Fighter Jet! Who would have thought?

8. Uno Motorcycle

Uno Motorcycle

Wait a minute… isn’t one of the wheels supposed to be in front of the other? Not when we talk about The Uno. This orange and grey colored machine made its first appearance in the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto. It was invented by 18-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak, who also gave the unique motorcycle certain interesting features, like running on electricity and being controlled by body language. (Source)

9. World’s First Motorcycle

World's First Motorcycle

This one’s really a collection piece. The First Motorcycle was created in 1885 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was designed and built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. The invention was also the first petroleum-powered vehicle. (Source)

10. Electric Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycle

Take a look at The Smart Chopper, an awesome electric motorcycle presented a few months ago by Siemens. It is charged in 5 hours when plugged into any 110-volt socket but this could be reduced to even one hour when plugged into a higher-voltage station, according to Siemens.

The Smart Chopper has a countrywide tour scheduled for next year, in order to promote sustainable and green technology. (Source)

11. Shoe Motorcycle

Shoe Motorcycle

12. Cartoon Motorcycle

Cartoon Motorcycle

Are you the kind of person that wants all the attention on you? Well, you would love a ride on this one! This crazy cartoon-inspired motorcycle took part in a Motorcycle Rally. The event, that gathers motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, presents the weirdest of motorbike designs once a year in Sturgis, South Dakota. (Source)

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2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla

Buying a car can feel like a daunting task. Perhaps any major purchase can feel as such. When buying a car it’s important to consider whether or new or used car is right for you. Of course, there are pros and cons to buying a car, new or used. Regardless, a car will depreciate in value. You will lose money. It’s an investment that depreciates but unless you live in a big city with great public transportation, it’s a necessary one. Buying a new car can easily seem like the logical choice, but that “new” car depreciates significantly the second you drive it off the lot. It depreciates, depending on the vehicle, up to 47 percent in the first three years. So buying a used car isn’t simply a “cheaper” option, it actually makes more financial sense.

A used car will often have lower insurance rates and depending on the manufacturer, could still be under warranty. As with buying any car, it’s important to do your research and understand the purchase you are making. If your heart is set on a certain car or even buying a new car, take that into account. Being wise with your money is great, but you want to make certain you enjoy the car!

While buying a lightly used car makes the most financial sense, do your research. Have the car checked out. Compare prices. Ask an expert or a knowledgeable friend. Choose what works for you and be happy with your investment. After all, it is an investment you will use on a daily basis for months and years to come.

Battery Powered Dune Buggy of Sorts

Bowler RaptorThe Bowler Raptor concept is the work of Ryan Skelley, a 2009 graduate of Coventry University’s Automotive Design course. Previous work from Skelley featured on includes theSunbeam Tiger sports car concept.

The Bowler Raptor was designed to compete in the grueling Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off road race held on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Essentially it is an extreme dune buggy developed to cope with the demanding and harsh terrain of the desert race.

The angular bodywork of the Bowler Raptor takes inspiration from both modern architecture and superbikes. The result is an aggressively styled machine which also features a highly functional body panel system. The body panels, which are held on by easily accessible hex-head bolts, are all independent of each other and can be replaced quickly when damaged.

Bowler RaptorThe Raptor utilizes a number of clever and unique features including an exposed carbon fibre chassis which was designed to bring the occupants closer to the action and heighten the sense of speed. The lack of A-pillars and a dramatic cantilever roof provide an almost completely unhindered view from the driver’s seat. The alloy wheels of the Bowler Raptor were designed to match the aesthetics of the bodywork. While the tires were designed to create a contrast by using a combination of both dune buggy paddle tires and digital technology as inspiration. The tire and wheel rim are designed to interlock conveying a sense of strength and solidarity. The design also incorporates eco-conscious materials to create a truly exceptional off-road buggy.

The electric drivetrain of the Bowler Raptor consists of two Lithium-Titanate battery packs which are rechargeable through both a standard wall socket or a dedicated high voltage outlet. The batteries can also be quickly and easily replaced using the Raptor’s unique “hot-swap” battery system, allowing for the old pack to be replaced with a fresh, fully charged battery in just 1 minute. The batteries send their power to a next-generation Siemens electric motor coupled to a single speed transaxle.
Bowler Raptor
The interior of the Bowler Raptor concept features a pair of deeply recessed bucket seats which have significant levels of lateral protection in both the body and head areas, essential for a dedicated off-road racer. Mounted in the centre of the dash is a large navigation screen, and located just above this is a mounting point for an iPhone which provides a constant internet connection as well as acting as a secondary screen. The phone allows the occupants to receive course and weather updates, race statistics, GPS data, and a provides a communications link to the rest of the team.



car buying budget

When looking for used cars in the Orlando area, it is important for consumers to sit down and prepare a car budget. This car budget will determine what type of car the consumer can afford. Everything from cost of the car to maintenance and insurance costs to gas prices should be considered when creating a car budget.

Before the purchase

Auto buyers should save at least 20 percent of the entire car purchase to use as a down payment. This will help lower the amount being financed and will help prevent the car buyer from being upside-down in their new loan the minute they drive their new car off of the lot. This is a good time to practice setting aside the total amount needed for a car.

Total amount

The car buyer should sit down and determine how much he or she hasorlando used cars on budget to spend on a car every month. This is the total amount of money available to put toward the car, insurance, gas and anything else associated with the car purchase.


Getting a close estimate to how much insurance will cost for the car will help finalize a consumer’s car budget. To get an estimate of insurance costs, the consumer can contact his or her insurance agency with the type of car they are looking to purchase.


To determine how much gas will be needed, the consumer should consider the gas mileage of the car he or she is looking at, how much he or she intends to drive the car and current gas prices. Add a little extra gas money to the budget to allow for vacations and unexpected travel by car.


There should be some money set aside every month for routine maintenance and unexpected repairs on the car. Newer cars with warranties may not require as much maintenance money. Used cars have limited warranties and may require some additional work along the way.


After insurance, gas and savings for maintenance are deducted from the total amount of money available, the consumer will know how much he or she can afford for monthly car payments.

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions a consumer will make, being prepared with a complete car budget will help make the shopping process easier and he or she should be able to find an affordable car.

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Tips on Used Truck Buying

Tips on Used Truck Buying

Consumers looking for a used truck will find a large inventory of makes and models to choose from. A person’s truck choice will depend a great deal on how they plan to use their vehicle. Before making an investment in a used truck in Orlando, consumers should decide the kind of vehicle they want to buy, how it will be used, what age range they’re looking for and how much they’re willing to pay. If purchasing from a private seller, prospective buyers should inquire about the truck’s upkeep, prior usage and performance. Here are some of the main factors to look into when buying used trucks in Orlando.

Physical State of the Vehicle

Whether a person is searching for a used work truck or one for daily driving, the physical state of the vehicle is of utmost importance. Buyers should have the truck thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic, especially underneath. The mechanic should look for under body damage, structural rust and fluid leaks as well as check out the vehicle’s brakes, U-joints, drive shaft and steering. An experienced mechanic can give would-be buyers a realistic picture of the state of the truck and outline what repairs, if any, are required to make it a good buy.

Personal Wants vs Needs

Although used trucks are cheaper than new ones, they can still be expensive investments. For this reason, consumers should select their used vehicle with care. One mistake people frequently make is purchasing a truck that’s more powerful or has more features than they really need, spending well above their budget. Before shopping for a used truck, consumers should distinguish their wants from their needs.

If purchasing a truck for work, buyers may prefer a vehicle with 4WD for traveling in adverse weather conditions and a powerful engine for hauling and towing. Those looking for a truck for personal or family use may consider fuel efficiency, comfort and safety of greater importance. By carefully considering the purpose for which they’re purchasing a used truck, consumers can make wiser decisions in the features they look for.


Consumers should run a CARFAX report on any used truck they’re interested in before making any commitments to buy. CARFAX reports provide valuable information about the history of used vehicles to include prior accidents, maintenance and care. This information gives prospective buyers greater insight into their future investment and helps them make better informed decisions on what vehicle is worth buying.

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Increase Auto Loan Application Appeal

 Improve Credit Score

A new car purchase can be an exciting time, especially if this is someone’s first car. However, those who are buying a car for the first time and those who have bad credit could face some road blocks when applying for their car loan. Little to no credit and poor credit can affect someone’s ability to get a decent rate on their auto loan. It may take some work, however, there are ways to boost ones credit score quickly, while making their loan application look more appealing to lenders.

Incorrect data

Those with a poor credit history can start by looking at what is on their credit reports. Things to look for include out-of-date information, incorrect information and items that do not belong to the car buyer. Negative information, with the exception of a bankruptcy, should be removed within seven years. Incorrect and out-of-date information can be removed from a person’s credit report by contacting the credit reporting agency and request it be removed. Items will be removed only if they are not able to be verified and proven to be correct.


When looking to make any major purchase, including looking at used cars in the Orlando area, it is important to keep balances on all other lines of credit down to a minimum. Paying down these lines of credit can boost the car buyer’s credit score a substantial amount in as little as two months. Also, paying bills on a timely basis will help boost a person’s credit score.

Credit cards

For those with credit cards, it is important to not close any of these accounts. Closing the account will appear as “closed” and could affect the credit utilization ratio. Thus, lowering a credit score.

For those without any lines of credit on their credit reports, it might be best to consider opening a secured credit card. These are available at most banks. In exchange for opening a savings account with as little as $300, the bank will issue the consumer a credit limit for the same amount. Pay this on time over a few months and watch as credit scores start to rise.

Those wishing to purchase a new car or truck should take the time to look at their credit report. This will give the car buyer a good idea where he or she stands. If necessary, sit back and take a few months to boost the credit score. This can help any car buyer improve their credit score’s appeal and increase their chances of getting a better interest rate.

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