Tips on Used Truck Buying

Tips on Used Truck Buying

Consumers looking for a used truck will find a large inventory of makes and models to choose from. A person’s truck choice will depend a great deal on how they plan to use their vehicle. Before making an investment in a used truck in Orlando, consumers should decide the kind of vehicle they want to buy, how it will be used, what age range they’re looking for and how much they’re willing to pay. If purchasing from a private seller, prospective buyers should inquire about the truck’s upkeep, prior usage and performance. Here are some of the main factors to look into when buying used trucks in Orlando.

Physical State of the Vehicle

Whether a person is searching for a used work truck or one for daily driving, the physical state of the vehicle is of utmost importance. Buyers should have the truck thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic, especially underneath. The mechanic should look for under body damage, structural rust and fluid leaks as well as check out the vehicle’s brakes, U-joints, drive shaft and steering. An experienced mechanic can give would-be buyers a realistic picture of the state of the truck and outline what repairs, if any, are required to make it a good buy.

Personal Wants vs Needs

Although used trucks are cheaper than new ones, they can still be expensive investments. For this reason, consumers should select their used vehicle with care. One mistake people frequently make is purchasing a truck that’s more powerful or has more features than they really need, spending well above their budget. Before shopping for a used truck, consumers should distinguish their wants from their needs.

If purchasing a truck for work, buyers may prefer a vehicle with 4WD for traveling in adverse weather conditions and a powerful engine for hauling and towing. Those looking for a truck for personal or family use may consider fuel efficiency, comfort and safety of greater importance. By carefully considering the purpose for which they’re purchasing a used truck, consumers can make wiser decisions in the features they look for.


Consumers should run a CARFAX report on any used truck they’re interested in before making any commitments to buy. CARFAX reports provide valuable information about the history of used vehicles to include prior accidents, maintenance and care. This information gives prospective buyers greater insight into their future investment and helps them make better informed decisions on what vehicle is worth buying.

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