car buying budget

When looking for used cars in the Orlando area, it is important for consumers to sit down and prepare a car budget. This car budget will determine what type of car the consumer can afford. Everything from cost of the car to maintenance and insurance costs to gas prices should be considered when creating a car budget.

Before the purchase

Auto buyers should save at least 20 percent of the entire car purchase to use as a down payment. This will help lower the amount being financed and will help prevent the car buyer from being upside-down in their new loan the minute they drive their new car off of the lot. This is a good time to practice setting aside the total amount needed for a car.

Total amount

The car buyer should sit down and determine how much he or she hasorlando used cars on budget to spend on a car every month. This is the total amount of money available to put toward the car, insurance, gas and anything else associated with the car purchase.


Getting a close estimate to how much insurance will cost for the car will help finalize a consumer’s car budget. To get an estimate of insurance costs, the consumer can contact his or her insurance agency with the type of car they are looking to purchase.


To determine how much gas will be needed, the consumer should consider the gas mileage of the car he or she is looking at, how much he or she intends to drive the car and current gas prices. Add a little extra gas money to the budget to allow for vacations and unexpected travel by car.


There should be some money set aside every month for routine maintenance and unexpected repairs on the car. Newer cars with warranties may not require as much maintenance money. Used cars have limited warranties and may require some additional work along the way.


After insurance, gas and savings for maintenance are deducted from the total amount of money available, the consumer will know how much he or she can afford for monthly car payments.

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions a consumer will make, being prepared with a complete car budget will help make the shopping process easier and he or she should be able to find an affordable car.

Used cars Orlando Cars on a budget


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