4 Must-Ask Questions Before Buying a Used Truck From a Private Seller

Many people own trucks these days, but for those who are looking to buy one, sticker shock is common. It is not unheard of for a basic pickup truck to cost in excess of $40,000 brand new, which is why buying used trucks in the Orlando area is recommended for first-time truck buyers. Before buying a used truck from a private seller, however, there are a few important questions that all prospective buyers should be sure to ask.

Has the Towing Capacity Been Followed?

All trucks have a maximum towing capacity, which is the amount of weight the truck is designed to tow at once. It is important to ask sellers what the heaviest thing the truck ever towed was; this will help to give an idea of how well the truck has been cared for. For example, if the truck was regularly towing beyond its capacity, this is a pretty good sign that the truck hasn’t been well maintained and may have problems down the road.

Are the Miles Mostly City or Highway?

The amount of miles on a truck can say a lot about its condition and value. However, a truck with higher mileage shouldn’t automatically ruled out for that fact alone. Ask the seller how the truck was often used; it the majority of the miles were highway miles for commuting to and from work, there’s going to be a lot less wear and tear on the truck than if those same miles were from city driving.

What’s the Typical MPG Rating?

Trucks aren’t known for being very fuel efficient, which is why it’s a good idea to ask the seller what kind of fuel economy is typical for the truck. Prospective buyers shouldn’t base their decision off the advertised fuel economy of the truck by the manufacturer, as the reality of this can be quite different.

Do Towing Accessories Come With It?

Finally, buyers should make sure they know exactly what is going to come with the used truck. For example, the buyer may have a towing hitch on it now, but will that be removed before the sale or will it come with the truck? Sometimes, it can be worth it to negotiate different accessories (especially towing accessories) to be included with the sale.

By asking these questions when buying a used truck, buyers can be sure to find a great deal.

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