People in the City Buying More Trucks

Trucks are considered a must have in the country, after all they can haul livestock, trailers, large loads of supplies, and of course get through those dirt roads. But why is the number of trucks being sold to city dwellers growing? The reasons vary but are all very compelling and indicate that within the next few years a truck will not be seen as a country or city vehicle either way.

Trucks are Increasing in the City Because:

  • The newer models from the last five or so years are great on gas, stylish and often compact. When a buyer is looking for a new vehicle many of these pick-ups do not have the rural look about them they look like they will fit right in with rush hour traffic. Because they do.
  • The usefulness of the cargo area in the back is not negated in the city. There are many professions and domestic uses for a pick up even in the city. After all, every item is not designed to fit in the trunk of an SUV or car.
  • They are often better on gas than many SUVs. For people not wanting to drive a compact car, but looking for better gas mileage and a smaller carbon footprint the pick-up is the perfect in-between.
  • Even city-dwellers like to get away and cut loose. From off-roading to camping, a pick-up is useful for weekend adventurers who get out of the urban areas as often as possible. Then it fits right back in the city setting after a weekend of fun.
  • When the family outgrows the size of the compact car, the pickup often offers one more seat and much more storage. It is a viable option instead of a mini van or suv for families who have just barely outgrown a car.

There are many new and used trucks for Orlando residents who want to enjoy the city and also the beautiful Florida backwoods. Not matter the reason for wanting a pick-up truck, many of the newer models are rated high for both safety and fuel economy.

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The Benefits of Purchasing a Car with Cash

Car buyers have basically two options to buying a car – purchase their vehicle with cash or obtain a car loan. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options. Individuals who have the cash to invest in a vehicle may find it much easier to clinch a deal. Here are a few more reasons why buying a vehicle with cash could be to a buyer’s advantage.

Lower Car Cost

The first step to purchasing a new or used vehicle is to find a dealer that carries the make and model vehicle that a buyer desires. Working with a quality car dealership in Orlando can make it easier for buyers to negotiate a cash deal. Many dealers are willing to negotiate prices when buyers offer to pay in cash as it enables them to sell inventory quickly without the hassle of financing.

No Finance Charges or Interest Fees

Paying cash for a vehicle eliminates finance charges, interest fees and monthly payments. Buyers simply pay for the cost of the vehicle plus tax with no added expenses to the bargain. In some cases, buyers may qualify for a rebate by not financing, which can be put toward the cost of the car.

In a stable economy, paying for a car on time may pose no risk to the buyer. However, a change in a buyer’s financial situation due to a sudden illness or loss of a job could put undue pressure on him to make car payments. Purchasing a car with cash eliminates monthly payments along with the extra interest rate that goes with them. This gives buyers a little extra cash to invest in more profitable pursuits.

Eliminates Risk of “Upside Down Car Loan”

As most buyers are aware, vehicles have a way of depreciating at a rapid rate. A new car may lose a good amount of its value just months after it is bought. After a while, buyers who finance a vehicle may find that what they owe is more than what the vehicle is worth. This puts them in the position of being “upside down” on their loan as what they’re paying exceeds the vehicle’s value. By paying cash, buyers can avoid this scenario.

Paying cash for a vehicle gives car buyers an edge in negotiating a better deal and avoiding extra costs. These two factors can make a cash deal worthwhile.

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4 Red Flags to Watch for When Shopping for a Used Car

Many buyers these days opt for purchasing used cars as opposed to brand new vehicles, and for good reason. Used cars are much more affordable and don’t depreciate in value in the same way a new car would. At the same time, however, shopping for used cars in Orlando does come with its inherent risks, such as being sold an unreliable “lemon.” Fortunately, there are some red flags all used car shoppers can be on the lookout for to avoid getting ripped off.

Suspicious Add-Ons

When obtaining used car financing through a dealership itself, it’s important for buyers to carefully review their finance agreements before signing any contracts. Specifically, buyers should be on the lookout for suspicious charges, such as add-ons for “paint sealers” or other unnecessary additions. A dealership that would try to add charges without disclosing or discussing them is not going to be a trustworthy place.

Lack of Maintenance Records

When buying a used car, it’s important to have at least some idea of how the car has been maintained by its previous owners. Specifically, records should be available of past oil changes, tire rotations, brake service, and any other maintenance. If no records are available, this is a sign that the car may not have been taken care of very well in the past, which means it could be more prone to problems down the road.

A Salvaged Title

Before buying a used car, it’s always a good idea to run a history check on the vehicle identification number (VIN). Doing so will reveal any previous accidents the car may have been in, along with the status of the car’s title. If the title is revealed to be salvaged, it’s probably best to walk away from that particular vehicle, as a salvaged title means that the car has either been in an accident or had serious damage done to it in the past.

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Financing a Used Car: Advantages for Buyers

When shopping for used cars in the Orlando area, many buyers assume that their only option is to pay cash for the car they want. However, many used car dealerships these days actually offer financing; it’s not just for brand new cars. In fact, there are a number of advantages buyers can enjoy by seeking financing for their next used car as opposed to paying cash for it up-front.

A Lower Up-Front Payment

When taking out financing to pay for a used car, buyers can enjoy a lower up-front cost of acquisition. Rather than having to pay for the car in full, they’re able to simply place a comfortable down payment on the car. This leaves them more money to pay for related expenses without pinching the budget, such as insurance and license plates.

Wider Selection to Choose From

When securing financing for a used car, buyers also have a larger selection of vehicles to choose from. That’s because, in most cases, used car dealerships allow applicants to get pre-approved for a loan of a certain amount. From there, they can shop the entire used car lot and check out several vehicles that fall within their price range.

Higher Quality Vehicle

Generally, getting financed for a used car allows buyers to afford a better car since they can make their payments in comfortable monthly installments, rather than paying for the entire vehicle at once. The end result is a more reliable vehicle that has fewer maintenance issues and costs less down the road. This also gives the buyer added peace of mind, especially considering some used cars these days even come with a warranty.

Currently Low Interest Rates

Interest rates on car loans these days are quite low, especially for those who have decent credit scores. Therefore, there has never been a better time to get approved for a used car loan, as the amount paid back in interest can be quite low. Still, buyers are encouraged to shop around with various lenders to find the best used car interest rate and loan terms for them. From there, they can make a well informed decision.

Overall, buying a used car is a great way to save money. However, just because one is buying used rather than new doesn’t mean they can’t get a little help with financing along the way.

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4 Traits to Look for in an Excellent Car Dealership

These days, shopping for a car can be a daunting experience; not only is it difficult to know which dealership to start at, but it can also be stressful trying to make sure that one gets a fair deal on a new or used car. For those looking for a quality car dealership in the Orlando area, then, there are a few traits that one should be on the lookout for.

Readily Available Financing

For the majority of car buyers, paying cash for a vehicle isn’t financially feasible. As a result, it becomes necessary to secure financing from a third party. For those who are in need of financing, then, it is important to realize that not all dealerships are the same in this regard. Some dealerships will offer more financing options from a variety of lenders, including in-house financing for those who may be interested.

A Wide Selection of Vehicles

Of course, there’s not much of a point in shopping at a particular dealership if they’re not going to have the vehicle that is desired. Therefore, when looking for a great dealership, it is also important to look for one that has a huge selection of the most in-demand makes and models of cars.

A Calm, No-Pressure Experience

Sometimes, car-buying can become stressful when sales staff become overbearing or are putting too much pressure on a buyer. Therefore, it is always a good idea to find a car dealership where the staff will not try and pressure them or talk them into anything they don’t need. A low-pressure sales staff should also be sure to give buyers plenty of time to make their decision on a new or used car, rather than encouraging them to decide on-the-spot.

Additional Vehicular Services

Finally, finding a dealership that offers additional services, such as its own maintenance and service department, is a great bonus. This way, the dealership can become a one-stop shop for all of one’s car-related needs. Overall, finding a great car dealership isn’t always easy and it does take some time, but for those in the market to buy a car, it will be more than worth the effort in the end.

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Buying a Used Vehicle Can Help Build Credit

There are many people who have credit challenges. These people may have lost a job or they may have had an illness that prevented them from making their monthly payments. As a result, many people have low credit scores, and they don’t know what to do to fix them. Buying a used truck in Orlando may help many people improve their credit scores.

Easy Financing When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Another component of financing that makes purchasing a used vehicle attractive is the fact that getting financing is easier. When people purchase a new car, many dealerships have to process their credit many different times. Each time this happens, the person’s credit score drops. Fortunately, by choosing to finance a used car, getting the best financing is easier, and the dealership won’t have to keep submitting the applicant’s credit report to lenders.

Used Trucks Means Lower Interest Rates and Lower Payments

When people purchase used vehicles, they don’t have to worry about losing a lot of value in the car once they drive off the lot. It is widely known that new vehicles depreciate tremendously once driven off the lot, but people who purchase a used vehicle don’t have to worry about that. By sustaining more value, lenders don’t see purchasing a used vehicle as risky as purchasing a new vehicle; therefore people can make their payments easier. With the ability to pay easier, many people will find their credit scores improving in a matter of months, simply because they purchased a more affordable used truck.

Many Used Vehicles No Longer Have Expensive Mechanical Issues

Owning a vehicle will require a person to maintain their vehicle. With new vehicles, many cars experience problems that the manufacturer didn’t quite work out before placing their car on the market. By purchasing a used vehicle, most people won’t have to worry about major mechanical failures for years, which places more money in their pockets so that they pay down their balance on their truck.

Although it’s not obvious, buying a used vehicle is a great option or individuals who are interested in improving their credit. Since used vehicles cost less than new vehicles, people will have more money to put towards paying down their debt, which will help them improve their overall credit score.

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